We have a range of services available, depending on the situation:

- from our standard (no frills) service, which is especially suitable for rental and vacant properties.

- to our multi step Premium service, which involves pre-vacuuming with an industrial strength upright machine, pre-spraying the cleaning agent onto the carpet, and then gently rotary brushing the agents into the carpet fibres. The dissolved soils and cleaning solution are then flushed out with a powerful van mounted extraction machine, leaving your carpets in the cleanest possible condition.

Introducing our "New Technology" cleaning system:

- This is a multi step system, similar to our Premium service, providing the same excellent results , but with a faster drying time, so the areas can be back in service sooner.

Commerical Service:

We can schedule work to cause least disruption to your business. We can clean large areas, from hundreds of square metres, to small one or 2 room areas.


We can clean most types of upholstery, including most popular types of leather.

We take the same care as we do with carpets, and are fully trained and experienced, to produce the best possible results.


Protection applied to carpets and upholstery after cleaning can enhance their performance and improve soil and stain resistance, and can help to release more soil next time they are cleaned.


Most general soil-type spots come out in the normal cleaning process.

However, some marks may remain, and these are treated with special spot-cleaning agents.

Some marks will need even more specialized treatment, and there is usually an extra charge for this because of the extra time and expertise required.

Not all stains can be removed. Some stains attack the colour and composition of the fibres, and the mark is permanent.


Many houses today have hard floors in the main usage areas, and tiles are very popular. Just mopping tile and grout floors does not remove all the soil that collects on the floor. The microscopic grooves and pits in the tiles, and especially in the grout, trap these soils, and over time they build up and discolour the floor.

Have a look at the edges of your tiled floor. Is the grout the same colour as in the middle of the main usage areas? Are the tiles a bit lighter or a bit different in colour?

If so, it is time to restore them. You need our professional Tile and Grout cleaning service.

A cleaning agent is applied to the floor to break down the greasy soils. We then go over the floor with the cleaning tool, which blasts hot water under high pressure, onto the tile and grout surface, and at the same time recovers all the solution, to leave your floors sparkling clean with no mess.


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