Myths & Misconceptions

Cleaning new carpets should be put off as long as possible. Once you clean them they get dirty quicker.

When carpets re-soil quickly after cleaning, it is usually because residues have been left behind, which attract soil. Correct cleaning procedures will not leave soil attracting residues, and will restore the carpet to its best condition.

Leaving a carpet dirty for long periods causes permanent damage and will shorten the life of your carpet. Carpets MUST be cleaned as soon as they start to look dirty, to get the best life from them.

Wool carpets should not be "steam cleaned". It takes the Lanolin (or the "goodness") out of them.

Lanolin is an oily substance and is almost completely removed from carpet wool in the manufacturing process. If left in the fibre it would attract soil and the carpet would get dirty very quickly.

Wool is like any other fibre in that, when it gets dirty, it needs to be cleaned. Leaving it dirty for long periods will cause permanent damage. Steam cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) will not cause any damage to wool carpets, provided it is done correctly. It is the procedure recommended by all the major manufacturers, including Wools of New Zealand.

We are accredited Woolcare Technicians, approved by Wools of New Zealand, so you can be confident that we will take the best care of your wool carpet (and all other types as well).

All carpet cleaners are the same, so they should be charging the same prices.

No. There are vast differences between carpet cleaners and the services they provide. To provide a high standard of service requires investment in quality materials and machinery, investment in training, and the application of correct procedures. It also requires the operator taking the time and the care to do the job properly. This cannot be done at discount prices.

Low prices mean low standards, corners being cut, and a quick slap-dash service that may seem cheap, but you will soon realize that you do not get value for your money.

Dust mites in carpets cause asthmas / allergies.

Dust mites live wherever humans live. They are always there! When people have allergies to dust mites, it is the mites' waste products that cause the allergies, not the dust mites themselves. And it is when their numbers build up that the real problems occur. Dust mites can live in carpets, but they really thrive in our beds. That is where there is an abundant food source for them, and also a warm moist environment for them to live. They live in fabric upholstery as well.

But their numbers can be kept down to an acceptable level, by regular cleaning and maintenance. Vacuuming carpets, upholstery and mattresses regularly, using a good quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, and disposable paper bags (cloth bags tend to allow dust and allergens to blow back into the air) is the first line of defense.

Opening all the windows while vacuuming also helps to clear the air of any particles that may escape the vacuum's filters.

Having you carpets professionally steam cleaned regularly will keep them in top condition and in their healthiest state.

If my carpets are steam cleaned they will take days to dry.

Carpets that are "steam" (hot water extraction) cleaned should not take more than a day to dry. If they are still wet after 24 hours, damage and unpleasant odours may result.

It is usually poor operator technique and / or underpowered machines that causes long drying times.

This problem will not occur if the correct cleaning procedures are followed, and the best equipment is used.

We have a "New technology" cleaning system available that will produce high standard results, with faster drying times, and so eliminating this problem.


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